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F7 and FatFS with uSD card driver linking problem

Question asked by Mateusz Mróz on Feb 21, 2018

I've been struggling for couple days to implement micro SD card into my project. I click everything through CubeMX 4.24 with CubeF7 v 1.9.0. 4-bits SDIO, SDIO global interrupt and 2 DMA Channels for RX and TX. FatFS default.
I moved to F746G discovery board to eliminate possible hardware problems but still couldn't manage to get the FatFS working.
When i manually BSP_SD_init(); i get correct cardinfo, capacity and things...

I also did testing procedure:



with a success.
But when i run project almost straight from the CubeMX i get empty cardinfo as probably fatfs does not init the sdcard. f_mounts doesn't return errors. It hangs/timouts on f_mkfs or f_open if i omit mkfs and format the card externally (FAT32). I've tried many various fatfs examples with the same results.
Any known problems or possible configuration advices?