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Update STM32L073 programmcode

Question asked by benjamin Gräf on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by benjamin Gräf

Hey, I am facing a specific task and I could really need some help with that. 

So I have many stm32L073 µC which all run the same programm. The programm has a stored list of constants in them which are used while the programm is executed. Now it should be possible to extend/upgrade this list of constants from extern. The µC is connected with UART to a XBee wireless module. 


Is it possible ot write to values received from the UART to a specific place in the flash storage? Or is it better to reload the whole programm, which is updated with the new constants.


For example:


old programm has list of those IDs:

uint8_t ID[13] = {0,32,41,23,124,53,123,123,43,0};

new programm:

uint8_t ID[13] = {0,32,41,23,124,53,123,123,43,0,11,22,45};


these variables are fixed and should be available all the time by the programm and they do not change.


any help/advice is helpfull.