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FatFs - SDMMC - STM32H7

Question asked by JC Lebreton on Feb 21, 2018
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I have the problem that many of us have as seen on the number of post on the forum. Unfortunatly for me nobody have the same issue as i have!

Let s point out first what i'm trying to do.
I'm on a small project of data gathering. Of course I need to store the data somewhere and the card won't have acces to LoraWan or any similar network. So the only idea i got was using an USB stick or an SD card. I came with the idea to use an SD card for its small size. If some of you think it's easier to implement USB stick we can explore this option.


OK. this settled, let me explain what i did at the moment.
I try the code given by ST and adafruit, where they are using the SPI connection with the SD card. But i don't really like this technique.
So i try with the Cube to implement the SDMMC (1bit bus at the moment) and FatFs interface for an SD card. (configuration of the Cube on attachement).

I then create a projet on eclipse and try so stuff.

I use the function BSP_SD_Init(), wich result in a succes

I then try functions lie : f_mount(), FATFS_LinkDriver(&SD_Driver, SDPath), f_mount()... But none of them seems to work!


I'm totaly lost... 
Do I have to Initialise more things? 
Do I have to complete .c files? like sd_diskio.c ?


well, if some of you have some clue or some working sample code it will be awesome.


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