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How to use LFN Feature in FatFs to change default 8.3 file Format

Question asked by Aditya Tiwari on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Aditya Tiwari

Hello there,

I am working on MSD Bootloader which I successfully Implemented  in STM32F207VETx. However while working I found that the default build expect 8.3 format file names, and not Long File Names (LFN).

I tried using LFN by making following changes in ffconf.h

#define _CODE_PAGE 437

#define _USE_LFN 1    /* 0 to 3 */ / When enable the LFN feature, Unicode handling functions (option/unicode.c) must
/ be added to the project.
#define _MAX_LFN 40    /* Maximum LFN length to handle (12 to 255) */

#define _LFN_UNICODE 0 /* 0:ANSI/OEM or 1:Unicode */

#define _STRF_ENCODE 0

and getting the following error undefined reference to `ff_convert' 

which I think is a function in unicode.c 

So My question is where can I Find Unicode handling functions as i want to give a long name for my file