Why no user data?

Discussion created by carpenter.adrian on Feb 21, 2018
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Did a search and can't find anything related to this, but why don't the peripheral structures like MMC_HandleTypeDef have a field for user data?


This would be really useful, for example I'm now abstracting some stuff in my software and I need to make use of the DMA callbacks in the MMC, but, I can't link my abstraction layer to the callback because I can't set any user data.


This means, I'm either going to have to have a global variable containing the pointer of abstraction or I'm going to have to create a reverse lookup which registers a peripheral with user data so that I can pass the peripheral pointer to a function and return the user data.


just adding a "void *userdata" to the structure would solve this, I'm sure this would be highly useful to many people who use RTOS and abstraction layers.


(I use C++)