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Available QSPI flash for memory mapped mode

Question asked by Roland Hoesch on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by john doe

Actually we are using a tool for GUI development on STM32F746.
This tool internally uses memory mapped mode to access the QSPI flash. In principle this is working fine, but the QSPI flash MT48LC4M32B2B5, which used in the their demo application and in the ST discovery board is not available for purchase.
Also it seems to be very complicated to flash the binary to the external flash. There's a description, how to write an external loader. But despite this description contains the word "easily" in each sentence, this isn't easy.
So resulting from these problems, there are some questions:
Is it possible to replace these "memory mapped mode" by an other method of accessing the flash? I assume it is not, because the program needs direct memory access.
The choice of flash memory supporting the memory mapping feature seems to decrease. Which available chips are supported from ST?
For which flash modules supporting memory mapped mode does ST provide an external loader?