STM32F4 and lwip problem, MEMP_UDP_PCB is not defined in AC6

Discussion created by warcho_.grzegorz on Feb 21, 2018

Dear ST Developers,
I am trying to program ethernet on SMT32F407. I Use example to ST board and shield STM32F4DIS-BB.
My problem is to integrate TPC/IP stack (lwip_v1.3.2) library.
When i am trying build probject I have error:


"Symbol 'MEMP_UDP_PCB' could not be resolved udp.c"

but MEMP_UDP_PCB symbol is defined like this in memp.h :

/* Create the list of all memory pools managed by memp. MEMP_MAX represents a NULL pool at the end */
typedef enum {
#define LWIP_MEMPOOL(name,num,size,desc) MEMP_##name,
#include "lwip/memp_std.h"
} memp_t;


I use Ac6 IDE and standard std libs.

I don't know hot to fix it. if anyone know what should it be wrong or had similar problem, very thanks for advice how to fix it.




i don't know it will be useful but opening and closing projects and all files in IDE solved a problem o_O