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Unico GUI Crashes

Question asked by Jared Hagel on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Jared Hagel

Hello all. I've tried to run the latest version of Unico GUI (5.0) by downloading it using the 'Get Software' button at the bottom of this webpage - I've installed the GUI by running Setup_Unico_5.0.0.0.exe and installed the driver by running VCP_V1.4.0_Setup.exe. Unfortunately, whenever I run Unico to evaluate LIS3DH (STEVAL-MKI105V1) on my 64 bit Windows 7 machine the program crashes on me. Any idea why this might be happening? This occurs right after I do the following:
- Run C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Unico\bin\unico.exe
- Select STEVAL-MKI105V1 (LIS3DH)
- Ensure 'Automatic Port Detection [Enabled]' is checked
- Click the 'Select Device' button
When I do this I get a generic 'Cross-platform UI for MEMS demo kits has stopped working' Windows dialog.


A couple notes:
- After I run VCP_V1.4.0_Setup.exe and plug our STEVAL-MKI105V1 evaluation board into my computer's USB port Windows Device Manager shows the virtual COM port 'STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM26)'
- Unico GUI version works fine on a Windows XP machine we have with this same evaluation board. This XP machine is using the latest version of the driver (Virtual COM port driver v1.4.0)