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Any possibility to fix STM32F77xx bootloader flow?

Question asked by Yuri Andrade Rodrigues on Feb 19, 2018

I have found  this note which says the limitations of STM32F77xx bootloader:

Following this limitation on the bootloader chart flow:



This way, it will always boot from the same location, internal bootloader or firmware application.

The problem is, the internal bootloader doesn't run the application by itself, and if I run it always from the application, what happens if the application crashes? how do I recover my board? I can not send a J-Link to every customer.


This is the same question than Tonny has asked and no one gave any support or explanation since September last year: 


The latest Bootloader documentation (from this month) says the same limitation. Do we have any solution coming?

If yes, when?


Thank you


Yuri Rodrigues