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SPC56 Decoupled Parallel Mode

Question asked by Matthew Richardson on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Matthew Richardson

I am wanting to run in DPM .  I use SPC5Studio to create a .wsx configuration to debug with, but I get the following failure when I try to connect to the target:



Connection Failed Report from
Basic UDE Target Interface, Version: 1.14.2
created: 02/19/18, 16:01:11


Windows version:
Win8 ()
Admin: yes

UDE version:
Release: 4.08.02
Build: 8012
Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\pls\UDE Starterkit 4.8

Target configuration file:
C:\WORK_DRIVE\PROJECTS\U1713\MDL\-1 CONFIGURATION\-03 DEVELOPMENT\.ude\.target\stm_spc56xl_spc56el70_discovery_starterkit_dp_debug_jtag.cfg

Error messages:
PpcJtagTargIntf: Can't connect target !
PpcJtagTargIntf: No Dual Processor mode on target detected when using DPM configuration !
PpcJtagTargIntf: Failed to halt processor !

PortType: CommDev
CommDevSel: PortType=USB,Type=FTDI


[see attachment for whole log]


I can connect and debug in LSM just fine.