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stm32 MAT-TARGET, ADC injected mode, simulink coder discarded code generated from sfunction

Question asked by Martin Dvoracek on Feb 19, 2018


I prepared model in simulink for the STM32. I need ADC working for sampling in injected mode for three channels. Used model is attached. But during model building there is warning that some generated code was discarted see attached file. Can somebody check the model and help me to find what is wrong? IOC file is also attached. 


In case that only one analog channel sampled in injected mode the code is not discarted and sampling is working.


Discarted source code is function that starting sampling so with finaly generated source code the sampling does not work. 


I used nucleo 64 dev board, MATLAB 2017B, mxcube 4.24, system workbench IDE