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CubeMX 4.24 LL Drivers generation bugs

Question asked by Michael N on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Mohamed Mansouri

Hi ,

First of all,i want to thank ST for providing and developing such useful tools for developers.

Found couple of bugs in STM32CubeMX v 4.24 U(S)ART code generation when using LL Drivers 

During my work ,I wrote an custom bootloader and decided to use LL Drivers generation in CubeMx instead of using HAL Drivers.And found some bugs:


I worked on STM32f302xC MCU : 

1. When enabling U(S)ART other than USART1,for ex. UART4,UART5 , the CubeMX does not generates call to some functions like :



LL_USART_ConfigAsyncMode(UART4); // critical


but for USART1 it does.


2.When in CubeMX for some U(S)ART ,I set OverRunDetect to disable for some UART(ex. UART4 also on USART1),the CubeMX generates LL_USART_EnableOverrunDetect(UART4) function and vise versa .


3.In CubeMX,if I chose USART's clocksource as HSE with PLL(I thing is nevermind) ,in boudrate calculations the source is taken from HSI.