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Getting started with STM32 bare metal, but with standard library

Question asked by Philipp Krause on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Clive One

A few days ago I got a few STM32 boards (STM32F0-Discovery, STM32F031 Nucleo-32, STM32F302 Nucleo-64) to have a quick look at the STM32.

Is there some simple "Hello, World!"-style tutorial, that shows setting up an UART for printf() and possibly basic use of timers? I want to use a free toolchain (I have the arm-none-eabi-gcc Debian package installed, and compiled texane stlink). I want to avoid the use of complex or non-free stuff (IDE, Cube, libraries such as SPL or HAL). Basically I'm looking for a tutorial like the STM8S-Dicovery one, but for an STM32.




P.S.: By "with standard library" I mean that functions from the standard library that make sense for, but are not required by, a freestanding C implementation (e.g. the string.h stuff) should be available.