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STM32H7x3 RM0433 suggestions

Question asked by Clive One on Feb 16, 2018
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Here are some observations/suggestions


The document contains a number of diagram's whose text is not searchable in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2018.009.20050

There is a lack of coherency in the naming throughout the document, making references in one location difficult to correlate with descriptions in others, and impossible to search effectively.


Table 51 Kernel clock distribution overview

The "Peripherals" column on the left should have the names of the clocks as it seen everywhere else.

ie SDMMC1 should make reference to sdmmc_ker_ck naming


Figure 46 Kernel clock distribution for SDMMC, QUADSPI and FMC

SDMMCSEL, sdmmc_ker_ck do not appear searchable, come up as block characters                          when cut-n-pasted.


8.4.17 RCC Domain 1 Kernel .. (RCC_D1CCIPR)

SDMMCSEL: SDMMC kernel clock source selection

Need to explicitly name "sdmmc_ker_ck" here so it cross references with all other uses, like per_ck is in CKPERSEL[1:0], and is searchable/indexed


This is just one example, but is a systemic issue in the document and all other places refer to clocks, etc by their internal net names.