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STVD Problems under Windows 7!!!

Question asked by technologist on Jun 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by marton.miklos

I am a project engineer. I use ST7,STM8 as microcontroller in my projects. And i use COSMIC as a complier. And i use STVD and STVP.

I had not any problem while ı was using these programs under Win XP. But ı have a lot of problem related STVD and STVP( My O.S : Win7 Professional and Home Prem.)

1.    I loss menu bar when i open worksapce or when pass from normal mode to debug mode. And other sembols fail. And ı loss my worksapce...And similar problems.

2.    STVD is working  ver very very slowwww....Especially, at time pass from normal mode to debug mode...

3.    In debug mode, ı can not put breakpoint on valid line !!! I take a fail message!

4.    In debug mode; program counter drool.Therefore i can not follow my source code. Some valid lines are skiped by debugger.

Please help me... I need your comments and solves...

My projects stoped related this problem