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Evaluation board STM32L073VZ - DFU Update

Question asked by forstner.klaus on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Clive One


i am working with the STM32L073x on the evaluation board STM32L073VZ and the Nucleo-L073RZ and I want to figure out the functionality of the USB DFU Update via internal bootloader. 


As descibed in several application notes I already did the following steps:

  • - I have generated a *.dfu file form a *.hex file
  • - The tool DfuSe Demo (v3.0.5) recognizes the controller as available DFU device ("STM32 Device in DFU Mode")
  • - The tool lists the Internal Flash (00), Option Bytes (01) and Data Memory (02)


After choosing the desired *.dfu file and pressing "Upgrade"  The tool shows "Erasing" for a very short time, followed by "Target 00: Upgrade successful !"  (Operation Time only one second)

But there is no data transmission, the Transfererd Data size remains at 0KB. 


If I connect another eval boad ( STM32F4xx Disco) the procedure works fine. So the environment seems to be ok, there must be a dependecy to the STM32L073. 


Does anyone have a usefull advice?