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Swapping banks (STM32F43xx Vs STM32F77xx)

Question asked by Yuri Andrade Rodrigues on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by Doug Kehn

Hello everyone,


I have been migrating from STM32F43xx processor to STM32F77xx processor. We have implemented dual bank from F4 processor already, configuring option bytes and swapping the banks using BFB2.

We are using the first sector from each bank with our own bootloader and we jump to the application and swap the bank if needed. As we have the same bootloader in both first sector, it doesn't break when we toggle the BFB2, and then, jump to the second sector the bank (always the same address).

To get a similar configuration, I have configured STM32F77xx as dual bank and dual boot (nDBANK = nDBOOT = 0) and swap the banks using SWP_FB. However, when I set and reset SWP_FB, it holds the value but doesn't change the banks.


My questions are:


1) Reading RM0410 and AN4826, it looks like that the SWP_FB should behave exactly the same than BFB2. Am I thinking right?


2) Why the bit holds the value but doesn't swap the address? Is this the normal behavior?


3) We could play with the BOOT_ADDx to do the job perhaps, but I read the SWP_FB can be written and read by software. Do I need anything else to be able to use SWP_FB as BFB2?


4) Is possible to get the swapping bank from F7 acting as F4?




Best Regards