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X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1 doesn't work

Question asked by Andrey Semenov on Feb 14, 2018



I have an old board X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1 with BlueNRG chip and 32MHz HSO. Bulk ID: Z5T43269A018.
I implemented with it my own device based on STM32F407VGT6.


In firmware I setup minimun:
1. Execute ACI_GATT_INIT.
2. Execute ACI_GAP_INIT(Role=Peripheral)
3. Execute ACI_GAP_SET_DISCOVERABLE(Advertising_Type = 0x00, Advertising_Interval_Min = 0x0020, Advertising_Interval_Max = 0x0020, Own_Address_Type = 0x01, Advertising_Filter_Policy = 0x03)


This configuration you can see in AN4494 (Bringing up the BlueNRG and BlueNRG-MS devices).


Firmware stack is 6.3.


I turn on my device but laptop doesn't see it.
The firmware works because I watch Command Complete Events after execution of each command in debugger.


Tell me please, why factory manufactured board doesn't work? What should I do?