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STM32CubeMX build problems when 'build under root' is selected with TrueStudio

Question asked by marks.sasha on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by houda ghabri

Hi There,


I've just switched to using Atollic (from System Workbench) and am having issues with the code generation in STM32CubeMX.  When I build a project using 'generate under root', the code will not compile with undefined references to all the HAL functions.


e.g. errors like

..\STM32_workspace_9.0\TEST_PROJECT_UNDERROOT\Debug/..\Src/hrtim.c:69: undefined reference to `HAL_HRTIM_Init'


If I generate with this box unticked then there are no problems.


I am using:

STM32CubeMX V4.24

STM32Cube FW_F3 V1.9.0

Atollic TrueStudio V9.0.0