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Hello-World for CAN-Communication (with minimal setup) on Nucleo-f091rc

Question asked by garg.ajay.001 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by garg.ajay.001

Hi All.


We have been trying to set up CAN-communication, and have been unsuccessful so far.

So, we are wishing to proceed in baby-steps.


As a first step, we intend to get the sending-CAN-packet working.


Firstly, is it possible to get it working with just one node on the CAN-bus?


Right now, with one board + one controller + one transceiver + one level-shifter,  we receive timeout while doing HAL_CAN_Transmit.


I can present more details, but I would be grateful for an answer to the following question first ::


Is it possible to have HAL_CAN_Transmit working without any timeout,  with just one node (the transmitting node itself) on the CAN-bus?


Thanks and Regards,