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STM8S 96 bit Unique ID on Ride7

Question asked by chiesa.michele on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by chiesa.michele

I read Unique ID from address 0x48CD to 0x48D8, byte per byte, on two STM8S105C6 with functions provided by stm8s_flash.c [FLASH_readbyte()].

The results are:
x wafer: 0x001B
y wafer: 0x800D
n wafer: 0x00
lot n: 0x00312C28706431

x wafer: 0x001C
y wafer: 0x002A
n wafer: 0x00
lot n: 0x002C2870643129

is "y wafer 0x800D" a sign-abs number?

what readout method do you use?

Thank you very much.