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LSI frequency range for STM32F303CC

Question asked by Gahlen Feld on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Andrew Neil

The current data sheet for the STM32F303CC (DocID023353 Rev13) shows on page 80 the characteristics of the LSI oscillator.
Its frequency starts from min. 30kHz to typical 40 and max. 50 kHz (all at 3.3V in the max. allowed temperature range).
In the same document on page 93 there is a footnote regarding the LSI frequency range to vary from 30 to 60kHz.


Now I am a little bit confused what maximum value for the LSI frequency is the right one for my watchdog timeout calculations, 50kHz or 60kHz max? (and under which circumstances this frequency appears)


People at ST, please help me in finding the correct value.


Thank you in advance,