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H3LIS331DL Data Ready Interrupt is not triggering

Question asked by Kattinti Siva Krishna on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Miroslav B

Hi All,


I am trying to understand configuration of H3LIS331DL sensor with Data Ready Interrupt.


As per my previous posts, I understood Turn On-Time should be given after Configuring the Control Register 1.


Here is the sequence I am using to get Data Ready Interrupt.


Step1: Give power to Accel Sensor

Step2: Setting Ctrl_Reg1 with 00111111b(0x3F)

Step3: As I am configuring ODR as 1000Hz providing sleep of (1/1000+1ms) 2 ms as per data sheet.

Step4: Configuring Ctr_Reg3 with 00000010b (0x02).

Step 5: Enabling H3LIS Interrupt 1 and Interrupt 2 pins and Registering call back API.

Step 6: Waiting for data ready interrupt.



Here I am facing problem is I could not see the Data Ready Interrupt, i.e., Data Ready Interrupt call back function is not triggering.


Anybody faced this problem ?