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STM32-MAT TrueSTUDIO project generation problem

Question asked by Elia Manstretta on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Aimagin Co., Ltd.

Hy guys,

I'm trying to configure and use simulink to generate code for nucleo-f303re and i've found a problem during project generation.

If i use cubeMX to generate project all works fine (truestudio build all correctly), but if i try to "build model"  with matlab some directories are excluded from the building. Let me explain a little better:

1) first of all i create a new project with cubeMX.(new project -> select board -> setting up project name and toolchain -> save all)

2) start simulink and create a new project. i configure it as ST say in readme.pdf document provided in the installation directory of STM32-mat targhet.

3) click "build model" and wait for everything to end. cubemx say that "the code as successfully generated"

4) i open open code with truestudio, i try to compile it and i get 17 erros. all error are consequence of missing hal driver.


it seems that in the driver folder there isn't hal driver library, but if i navigate to driver folder manually all files are in their place .



if i use cubeMX without simulink (using the same .ioc files used with simulink) for code and project generation all works fine and truestudio include hal driver during building.


someone knows how to solve the problem?