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Understanding SDRAM Better?

Question asked by Terence D on Feb 11, 2018
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Hi, I'm interested in better understanding how SDRAM works with the on the STM32F4 Discovery development boards.  For example, I have an STM32F429-Discovery.  It has 64-Mbit SDRAM on the board.


I've closely examined the FMC_SDRAM example in the STM32 Cube, have it running on the board, I've analyzed all of the FMC register tweaking it does to initialize the SDRAM.  Additionally, I've read through the SDRAM sections of Chapter 37 (SDRAM controller) of RM0090 (the STM32F429/439 Reference Manual) in detail.


I think what I'm really lacking is a fundamental understanding of how SDRAM works - i.e. typical communication between the processor and the SDRAM, necessary initialization steps, timings, etc.


I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a resource for this?  The only thing I can find is this book at Amazon: Memory Controllers for Real-Time Embedded Systems  ...which I'm not sure is the best fit and would prefer to find a free resource if possible.