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How can I read analog to send computer on serialPort by using uart?

Question asked by uzeyir varli on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Aimagin Co., Ltd.

Hello I am Üzeyir. I use stm32f4 discovery.  I should read analog value on simulink.  I made a basic application. My application is that i use potansiyometre because of channing of analog value. If ADC is upper 500 , PD12 and PD13 will activated. otherwise PD15 and PD15 digital outputs will be activated. Digital outputs ara activated according to analog value.  But ı cannot not drawed on simulink or read. . I tried a lot ways.

But ı taken a errors which is"Error reported by S-function 'amg_usbconverter_n_connect' in 'analog_okuma/Host Serial Rx':
Error: timeout occur while waiting for Rx data." 

How can i read analog value? readanalogvalue