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ESR/LCR Precision Meter design and implementation...

Question asked by Zaher on Feb 11, 2018

Hello guys,


I have recently found myself in a situation where I needed an ESR/LCR meter to do some troubleshooting of a PSU for an old TV set. As usual, the first thing that came to my mind was "why not build one myself?". 


Well, I did some research about the principle and how ESR is measured across a cap in circuit. From a digital design perspective, it seems it's not very difficult implementing such a tool utilizing one of ST's MCUs that integrates some analog circuitry, however, I'm not very acquainted with analog design, so it would help a lot if I can find an application note, reference design, or anything that can help speed up the development phase. 


In case no reference design or application note is available from ST for such an application, could someone please explain what might play the most important role in making this tool a high-end or a cheap one, of course I mean at the analog section in particular and not the processing or displaying of data. In other words, what analog parts or digital peripherals are involved in making a high-end ESR/LCR meter?


Thank you,