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STM32F767ZI Quadrature Encoder accuracy problem

Question asked by Joerg Wagner on Feb 9, 2018

For an industrial application I use 3 timers, two for encoder input (TIM1 and TIM4)

and one with a combined XOR (TIM2).

Source signal is the same for all 3 timers.

An interrupt callback for the XOR timer saves the elapsed time and counts the changes in addition.

Sometimes the quadrature encoder counter has a miss of 13/14 counts to the one with the XOR input.

No filters are used.

The counter value of the changes in the XOR callback are right (a diecast machine also counts),

the quadrature encoder does not work properly.

TIM2 and TIM4 are the same type of counter (General purpose)

I can try to swap TIM1 and TIM4 but I have to trust the hardware counting anyway.

Does someone has similar experiences?