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configuring STM32H743I-EVAL board for high speed parallel data input

Question asked by Avi Aharoni on Feb 9, 2018
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I consider to start a new project using the STM32H743. In my project I would like to connect an external camera with external syncs (8 bit) and also use some external RAM for data storage + SPI + UART + 3 pins Mechanical encoder (2 signals + click) + TFT LCD + USB2HS. The project has the same "nature" of a digital oscilloscope = a real time display of data + high processing power (FFT's, filters etc.) + transferring data thru USB2HS to a PC.

I tried to use the STM32CUBEMX software and downloaded the default setup of the "STM32H743I-EVAL" setup:

I need to read fast bursts of data from a Xilinx FPGA at about 40-80 M bytes per second and since there is no dedicated interface, I thought about using DCMI since it does not require too many wires as SDRAM or other interfaces.

I can do simulation of a video camera on my Xilinx device and I thought about connecting it to the DCMI interface.

(It is not coming from a camera. Those are actually data bytes coming from 2 ADC's of 15 bits each, connected to the Xilinx. The 1Gbyte/second is stored in DDR3 buffer inside the Xilinx device and after they are stored, I would like to transfer them "Slowly" @ 40-80 Mbytes/sec to the STM32H743I-EVAL).

I tried to add DCMI to this project but unfortunately all of the pins are occupied and it is impossible to use that interface.

If I load STM32H743XI instead, which is an "empty" project with no previous connections, I can enable the DCMI interface and I get pin numbers: A2, A3, A4, A9, B3, B4, B13, D14, D15, R3, T13.

When I get back to "STM32H743I-EVAL" setup, I see that all of those pins are already occupied by the SDRAM pins, SDMMC_B3, USB_OTG_FS_BUS, LCD_BL_CTRL etc.

I'm already spending few hours trying to remove devices which I don't need like Ethernet, FS USB, SDMMC1 etc. while leaving "Keep current Signals placement" selected (because I would like to use this evaluation board) but I can't get the DCMI interface enabled in Green. It is always RED with "X" on it.

I would like to know if I'm doing something wrong or maybe there is another way to get the DCMI pins out? (For example, by disconnecting some hardware device by removing their series resistors or cutting their traces?

Is it possible to leave the connection of the peripherals that I need without moving their connections and release only those which I do not need? (and then doing some wiring on the evaluation board).
If there is any other solution for reading data fast from the Xilinx device, using the current configuration of the STM32H743I-EVAL board - please propose. We can simulate many interfaces in the Xilinx device.

If the STM32H743I-EVAL board is not suitable for my application, please advise which board with LCD would work.