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ST25R3911 No Response After second APDU Command

Question asked by Marius Celliers on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Marius Celliers

Hi .. I am currently sending an APDU Command to a card with the ST25R3911 and get a valid response.

I use the HAL drivers and middleware from ST-CubeMX ( CPU = STM32F401RE)


As soon as I try to send another APDU command ( or even the same one again) I receive 0 bytes from the card.


I start With rfalIsoDepPollAHandleActivation()

   then i set up may parameters (rfalIsoDepApduTxRxParam)


   then I send my first APDU Command. (rfalIsoDepApduBufFormat)


  err = rfalIsoDepStartApduTransceive(myParam);


   then I wait for the response in a loop with rfalworker()


         for (int i=0;i<TIMEOUT;i++)
               // Run the RFAL Worker
              err = rfalIsoDepGetApduTransceiveStatus(); //Check The Status of the APDU Transceive
               if (err == ERR_NONE)
                     logUsart("APDU Transceive Success\r\n");

               if (err == ERR_BUSY)



after I received my rxBuf data,

   I change the txBufLen  and apdu command and send the data to the card, but now i get 0 bytes returned.

   also if i send the same apdu command to the card I also get 0 bytes returned.


my first apdu sending code is exactly the same as the second apdu sending code.

I also clear my Rx and Tx APDU buffers before loading the next C-APDU.




Is there any other initialization or,  setting of parameters, that I am missing ?

I believe that I should not try to run rfalIsoDepPollAHandleActivation() again (before the next APDU Transceive) as I am not disconnecting the card in any way.