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STM32 MAT/TARGET unknown data type RT_MODEL_Nucleo_test

Question asked by Martin Dvoracek on Feb 8, 2018
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I am firstime testing MAT/TARGET. I have created small model in simuling and generated source codes throught CubeMX. HW board Nucleo F303RE is used and System Workbench development SW. Source codes from Matlab are succesfully process in CubeMX and project for System Workbanch was create. But compilation of generated source codes consist several problems.

MATLAB 2017b, cubeMX 4.23 are used.


Simulink model name I uses is Nucleo_test.slx


In main.c file there is code line:

extern RT_MODEL_Nucleo_test *const Nucleo_test_M;


but the datatype RT_MODEL_Nucleo_test is unknown. I checked all generated files but this datatype doesnot exist in any of files. There is only similar in Nucleo_test.h

typedef struct tag_RTM RT_MODEL;

Other probles I have are conflict types for rtM.


simulink model, CubeMX ioc file, matlab generated sourcecodes and System workbanch project are attached in zipped file.


Does somebody have some idea what is wrong and what should be done?