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LRWAN - Which activation use OTAA or ABP

Question asked by JAN R on Feb 7, 2018
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I am working on end-devices which will not be configurable (no LCD, no buttons..). You can imagine it like simple thermometer which periodically send the new measured data to Gateway.
I read many topics about ABP/ OTAA activation, but it is still not clear to me which activation for this my device is possible.



My existing knowledge:


1) When I use the OTAA - I will have to set in my end-device AppKey, AppEUI and maybe DevEUI which I get from TTN - So it looks like inapplicable for me, is not it? Because In first I will program my device (with HEX file), but the AppKey, App EUI, DevEUI I (user) will know much much later.


2) Whe I use the ABP - I will have to set in my end-device Device Adress which I get also from TTN and Network Session Key with App Session Key I can probably know in advance but also I have to guarentee that these 2 keys will be unique - but how?


I hope my question is clear.


Thank you very much for advice