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How to start programming with sensortile

Question asked by Mayer Tamás on Feb 7, 2018
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I am a student and a newbie with BLE and I'm having a little trouble with understanding the HCI events and commands and how it is working.I'm using a steval stlkt01v1 development kit and FP-AUD-BVLINK1 sample program.I examined every documentation and example for the sensor tile kit and every documentation for the FP-AUD-BVLINK1 sample program. I've started the learning with the BlueNRG_MS ACI user manual but I had no success, now I'm trying to understand the BLE and HCI with the sample code and comments but I had no success with this either.
I need an advice, how should I start with this topic? Is there any helpful documentation or tutorial, which I can start with?

My main purpose is to understand the HCI state machine(for example the HCI_Event_CB function), and successfully create a connection between two devices, later exchanging data on my own.


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