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IAR starting project

Question asked by Kilohercas on Mar 27, 2012
I am new with IAR and i having hard time for new project setup.
All i want to make is single folder with mine code, libraries and other necessary files so i can share project with others.
Atollic had very nice and simple setup, all i needed is to chose embedded c project, processor, debugger, and project name. All files was generated and copied to my folder, no problems at all.
Try to do same, and i get no library's, and if i try to add (project>option>c/c++ compiler/preprocessor) , i just errors, not fond.
Maybe some who understand IAR good can make zip of basic project with library's and right configuration ?
Or just guide me how to do that right (it looks just like i can't add librarys, cmis and std_perif)
Thank you