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Discussion created by John Craven on Feb 7, 2018
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I started looking at FreeRTOS, reading a few PDFs i got online, and watching a few web and youtube tutorials. I have made a few projects using CubeMX got a couple projects going. But this morning, i started a new project, and in addition to just adding in FreeRTOS and doing some basic config (ie enabling timers, etc), i played with the other FreeRTOS Configuration dialog Tabs for "Task and Queues" and "Timers and Semaphores".


These tabs, allowed me to define tasks, queues, etc, so CubeMX would generated my task definitions and task creation calls and TaskFunction code templates, etc.


So i try it. And when i look at the code, its not FreeRTOS! So i drill in find its code for another layer of abstraction, namely CMSIS-RTOS. While there is some similarity, its quite different than the style i have been trying to learn online.


Having spent a couple hours looking around for CMSIS-RTOS resources. I understand that the goal of CMSIS-RTOS is be generic wrapper of for any RTOS, so projects are portable between different underlying RTOSs. 


I decided to ask the STM32 community, what flavor of FreeRTOS you use?

Do you use FreeRTOS or CMSIS-RTOS style coding on your STM32 projects?