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STM32CubeMx v4.24.0 is not able to re-open a file

Question asked by Andrian Andria on Feb 7, 2018
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I have a problem with STMCubeMx v4.24.0.


My problem is : I cannot open a new project created with STM32CubeMx v4.24.0. This project was created from scratched. After I finish editing the file, I save it and close the software. When I re-open the project file, nothing happens. My mouse cursor is transformed into a blue circle (busy). It's impossible to close the tool  without forcing (ctrl-alt-supr or task manager).

In STM32CubeMX.log I have these errors : 

2018-02-07 16:57:00,996 [INFO] ImportTextPane:155 - (OptionalMessage_ERROR) IP (RCC) : Parameter (ADCFreq_Value) has invalid value (96000000)
2018-02-07 16:57:00,997 [INFO] ImportTextPane:155 - (OptionalMessage_ERROR) IP (RCC) : Invalid parameter (FamilyName)

When I open the .ioc file, I have these value for these attributes :




I am sure to configure correctly my clocks before I close the file. My ADC clock is 80MHz and not 96MHz. If I change 96000000 by 80000000 the first error ((OptionalMessage_ERROR) IP (RCC) : Parameter (ADCFreq_Value)....) disappears. 

For the second error (FamilyName), I don't know the expected value I have to put there.

I don't know why these values changed.

Did anyone ever have this problem or can help me to understand this case?

Thanks a lot.



What I already did :

  • do last updates
  • reboot my computer and clean Windows registry database
  • re-install STM32CubeMx (previous installation was removed, registry was cleaned)
  • also try to open a project created with v4.22 with MCU package 1.8.0 => everything is OK (file is opened, edition and project generation is possible) but when I want to migrate this project with last MCU package (1.11.0) STM32CubeMx is stuck (file is not opened and mouse is in busy mode when entering into the software's window)
  • into .ioc file, if I remove all RCC.xxxx lines, STM32CubeMx open my file but all my clock configuration is not good and have some errors. If I correct my clock configuration, save the project, close the program and re-open it, I have the initial problem.

Context :

  • Windows 10
  • stm32CubeMx v4.24
  • MCU STM32L475


The .ioc file is in attached file.