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STM32F4DIS-WIFI and SPWF01SA compatibility

Question asked by Brieuc Delbart on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Clive One



I'm currently working on a project based on STM32 and I need a WiFi connection in order to send information to a mobile app.


My project can be divided in 2 parts : a prototype with 2 PCBs and then an industrial PCB production.


First, I tough use STM32F4Discovery coupled with this module wifi STM32F4DIS-WIFI.


For the second part, I already seen the SPWF01SA as a solution to produce in SMD.

I have just one fear : There isn't library to use STM32F4DIS-WIFI. Is it so possible to use the one of SPWF01SA ? Are the SPWF01SA and STM32F4DIS-WIFI compatible for coding ?

If you have a better idea, I'm at the beginning of the project and this is so possible to change of solution !

Thanks a lot