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USB Fifo not empty

Question asked by Mark Greally on Feb 6, 2018



I am doing a basic USB device using STM32F407 and the usb Rx and Tx Fifo's look strange. For example data in at address 0x50001000: 00CC0080 01000680 00400000 00C80000. Then is followed by the following at

address 0x50001010: 002C0080 002C0080 002C0080 002C0080

                  :                     :                  :                  :               :



When USB_FlushTxFifo and USB_FlushRxFifo are used the memory reads as "00CC0080............00CC0080" fpr all that section of the memory, when it should be empty. It should be empty. Why is there data in the fifo when it should be empty?