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ADCx in multichannel with DMA and LL library

Question asked by Bobino on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by AvaTar


I use a STM32F407 on a custom board. The application is in Motor Control. I have to read the next channels:

ADC1: Channel 0 and 2

ADC2: Channel 6 and 14

ADC3: Channel 10 and Channel 11 and Channel 12 and Channel 13

Channel 0 and channel 6 and channel 10 should be synchronised read.

Channel 2 and channel 14 and channel 11 should be synchronised read

I need to read 8 value on channel 0/2/6/4 and 4 values on channels 10/11/12/13

I use STM32CubeMx to configure all and I have try to use HAL Library but without success and I try now to use LL Library. 

I will start the conversion of 16 values (8 for channel 0 et 8 for channel 2) on ADC1 and the same on ADC2 and ADC3.

My question is: "How can I start the conversion on these three ADCs and how can I start the DMA transfert?


Is there a documentation somewhere (multichannel, multi-adc synchronised ,DMA and Synchronised)?


Thank you in advance.