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Modify the startup PWM sequence

Question asked by Giuliano Lovisotto on Feb 6, 2018

I downloaded the  ST Motor Control Workbench v4.3 software to configure motor and application for FOC control 1 or 3 shunts.


I use IAR Embedded Workbench (free limited version is enough) because there is already a project for FOC Motor control compatible with STM3210E-EVAL in the installation directory of ST Motor Control Workbench v4.3


The Main software is located in \STMicroelectronics\FOC SDK\v4.3.0\STM32 PMSM FOC LIB F303\Web\Project\EWARM\STM32F10x_Workspace.eww (linked to all the C files needed)

The LCD firmware is located in \STMicroelectronics\FOC SDK\v4.3.0\STM32 PMSM FOC LIB F303\Web\LCDProject\hex\STM3210E-EVAL.hex (it can be downloaded with ST Link into the Microcontroller)

The file generated by ST Motor Control Workbench must be inserted in the directory \STMicroelectronics\FOC SDK\v4.3.0\STM32 PMSM FOC LIB F303\Web\SystemDriveParams\


Then I compiled the software with F8, select workspace_rebuild_STM3210E-EVAL and then download to microcontroller with ST link.


Everything works with STM3210E-EVAL and Inverter board STEVAL-IHM045V1 but now (for my own application) I want to change the software that generate the PWM at startup (first sequence of pulses) but I cannot find what is the function that generates the PWM.


Can anyone help me finding the function called to generate the PWM at startup?