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SPC570S40 start in RUN0 mode with debugger

Question asked by Guglielmo Spina on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Guglielmo Spina

Hi ,

I'm new and I 'm developing on SPC570S40E1.

I've a demo board and my final target board.


When I try to debug my application I've 2 different behavior between  demo board and final target:

 on demo board during clock initialization I see by ME_GS register that the system is DRUN mode, while , on my final target, sw go in irqSysHalt called  by spc_clock_init SPC5_CLOCK_FAILURE_HOOK because system mode is RUN0.

My demo board is SPC570S-DISP , my target is the same  micro 64 pin and I use UDESTK with microUSB.

On the final target , after load the program, if I power on the board, the program run correctly, while with Debugger don't  run because is locked in irqSysHalt.