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STM32H7 controlling 1.5MSPS ADC with parallel interface

Question asked by juan luis ferrando on Feb 5, 2018

Hi all,


I am trying to implement a measurement system using STM32H7 microcontroller. The ADC used will be LTC2320-14 from Linear Technology with 1.5 MSPS rate and 4 simultaneous channels. I am trying to find what would be the right pheripherial to control and receive data from this ADC. In the past I have used STM32F4 to control high speed ADC by they were using serial interface so SPI pheriperial worked perfectly for this. However, in this new application since the ADC is simultaneous sampling, the output data must be read in parallel. It provides the data in 4 serial lines working in parallel. The clock signal must be generated by the  STM32H7 at a frequency of 100MHz to reach the 1.5MSPS rate that can be reachable with STM32H7. I though an option could be to use Quad-SPI interface deleting the command, address and mode bits but I do not know if this can be done.Maybe, also FMC pheripherial could be used. I would apreciate if you could suggest any solution for this. Is this application maybe to much for a STM microcontroller and should I switch to FPGA?


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