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STM32L011K4T - MCU ADC Temperature

Question asked by Nolan L on Feb 6, 2018



I would like someone to confirm that the temperature I am getting is somewhat in the ballpark to be expected. If it isn't, could someone check my values that I am using from the datasheet?


I am currently getting 11 C which seems low for ambient room temperature. I know that the ADC internal temperature  measures junction temperature. I expected +/- 5 C swing, not -14 C.


I can also confirm my ADC is working with DMA as I am using it to read internal voltage and various other analog measurements.


For this particular micocontroller, the values are taken off the datasheet and are designed to spec:


I am using the low level driver function to determine temperature:

  * @brief  Helper macro to calculate the temperature (unit: degree Celsius)
  *         from ADC conversion data of internal temperature sensor.
  * @note   Computation is using temperature sensor typical values
  *         (refer to device datasheet).
  * @note   Calculation formula:
  *           Temperature = (TS_TYP_CALx_VOLT(uV) - TS_ADC_DATA * Conversion_uV)
  *                         / Avg_Slope + CALx_TEMP
  *           with TS_ADC_DATA      = temperature sensor raw data measured by ADC
  *                                   (unit: digital value)
  *                Avg_Slope        = temperature sensor slope
  *                                   (unit: uV/Degree Celsius)
  *                TS_TYP_CALx_VOLT = temperature sensor digital value at
  *                                   temperature CALx_TEMP (unit: mV)
  *         Caution: Calculation relevancy under reserve the temperature sensor
  *                  of the current device has characteristics in line with
  *                  datasheet typical values.
  *                  If temperature sensor calibration values are available on
  *                  on this device (presence of macro __LL_ADC_CALC_TEMPERATURE()),
  *                  temperature calculation will be more accurate using
  *                  helper macro @ref __LL_ADC_CALC_TEMPERATURE().
  * @note   As calculation input, the analog reference voltage (Vref+) must be
  *         defined as it impacts the ADC LSB equivalent voltage.
  * @note   Analog reference voltage (Vref+) must be either known from
  *         user board environment or can be calculated using ADC measurement
  *         and ADC helper macro @ref __LL_ADC_CALC_VREFANALOG_VOLTAGE().
  * @note   ADC measurement data must correspond to a resolution of 12bits
  *         (full scale digital value 4095). If not the case, the data must be
  *         preliminarily rescaled to an equivalent resolution of 12 bits.
  * @param  __TEMPSENSOR_TYP_AVGSLOPE__   Device datasheet data: Temperature sensor slope typical value (unit: uV/DegCelsius).
  *                                       On STM32L0, refer to device datasheet parameter "Avg_Slope".
  * @param  __TEMPSENSOR_TYP_CALX_V__     Device datasheet data: Temperature sensor voltage typical value (at temperature and Vref+ defined in parameters below) (unit: mV).
  *                                       On STM32L0, refer to device datasheet parameter "V130" (corresponding to TS_CAL2).
  * @param  __TEMPSENSOR_CALX_TEMP__      Device datasheet data: Temperature at which temperature sensor voltage (see parameter above) is corresponding (unit: mV)
  * @param  __VREFANALOG_VOLTAGE__        Analog voltage reference (Vref+) voltage (unit: mV)
  * @param  __TEMPSENSOR_ADC_DATA__       ADC conversion data of internal temperature sensor (unit: digital value).
  * @param  __ADC_RESOLUTION__            ADC resolution at which internal temperature sensor voltage has been measured.
  *         This parameter can be one of the following values:
  *         @arg @ref LL_ADC_RESOLUTION_12B
  *         @arg @ref LL_ADC_RESOLUTION_10B
  *         @arg @ref LL_ADC_RESOLUTION_8B
  *         @arg @ref LL_ADC_RESOLUTION_6B
  * @retval Temperature (unit: degree Celsius)

                                             __ADC_RESOLUTION__)               \
  ((( (                                                                        \
       (int32_t)((((__TEMPSENSOR_ADC_DATA__) * (__VREFANALOG_VOLTAGE__))       \
                  / __LL_ADC_DIGITAL_SCALE(__ADC_RESOLUTION__))                \
                 * 1000)                                                       \
       -                                                                       \
       (int32_t)(((__TEMPSENSOR_TYP_CALX_V__))                                 \
                 * 1000)                                                       \
      )                                                                        \
    ) / (__TEMPSENSOR_TYP_AVGSLOPE__)                                          \
   ) + (__TEMPSENSOR_CALX_TEMP__)                                              \



My Code:

// Values derived from datasheet STM32L011x4
#define ADC_TEMP_AVG_SLOPE      1610
#define ADC_TEMP_TYP_CALX_V     670
#define ADC_TEMP_REF_VOLTAGE    3300

int16_t adc_get_temperature_internal(void)
    // Get Active Buffer (Opposite End of What the DMA is Filling)
    // Covert Values Into a Voltage.