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Ethernet transmit failure STM32F779I_EVAL board

Question asked by rhodes.keith on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by rhodes.keith

I am starting a new project with the STM32F779I-EVAL board an dam having problems getting the ethernet driver to properly send packets. I have used the STM32F427 chip with the appropriate HAL Ethernet driver in the past.


I am using the STM32Cube_FW_F7_V1.9.0/Projects/STM32F769I_EVAL/Applications/LwIP/LwIP_HTTP_Server_Socket_RTOS example. (there is no cube eval for the F779I_EVAL board).


I built the project using Atollic (new V9 after ST bought them) and set JP21 to 2-3 and JP22 to 2-3 and JP6 to 2-3 and the Ethernet clock jumper to 1-2 (I think its labeled JP12).

I can properly receive ARP packets on the inbound side. I set the system to use DHCP and the first broadcast packet sent looks like it successfully is sent, but I never see the packet from a network sniffer.


The board uses a DP 83848 MII PHY and is configured properly. The interface is set to full duplex.

The MAC DMA is configured with the default parameters and looks correct (compared to a STM32F427).


I ran the exact same test with a STM32F427 board and the sniffer picks up the DHCP broadcast packet properly.

It seems crazy that this shouldn't just work. I'm wondering if the JP21 and JP22 jumpers are set correctly (even though I followed the directions in the user manual)???


Any help is appreciated...Keith Rhodes