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[STM32F303ZE-Nucleo] Bootloader DFU problem

Question asked by Loïc Bouilly on Feb 1, 2018

Hi everybody,


I tried to get the bootloader DFU works on NUCLEO-F303ZE, but it's didn't work. 


For try to use it, I jump from my software to bootloader, 

If I remap the memory to System Flash memory or not it change nothing. 

If I go to bootloader with BOOT0 Pin the DFU didn't work also. 

My HSE (MCO of STLink) seen to be OK.

The NUCLEO-F303ZE have not an external pull-up 1k5 Ohms, like is specified in AN2656 - page 77 :


When I had my self an external pull-up Windows recognize a new USB device but is not identifiable and he said that my devices not working.

It's not easy to debug this in Assembly mode... It's seen to be in a loop "while".


So I don't know what to do for use DFU in with this microcontroller. 


thank you for you response and what I need to respect for use it !