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LSM6DS3 & m24c64 power consumption high

Question asked by verma.piyush.001 on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Michiel De Witte

Hello All,


We are doing a wearable product where we using LSM6DS3 & M24C64 but power consumption much high than specified.


LSM6DS3 is taking around 300uA just by powering on. As we understand from datasheet by default LSM6DS3 is in power off mode. which should have power consumption of 6uA.

We also can't read accel value without sending power on command which prove that it's power off mode but power consumption is 300uA.


Same situation we are facing with M24C64 memory. As we understand from datasheet if no i2c communication it automaticly go into sleep mode and having power consumption of 2uA. But even on no communication M24C64 power consumption is approx 280uA


Any suggestion would be appreciated.