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STM32-L4 RTC Alarms in Fractional Second Intervals

Question asked by Scott Bennett on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by waclawek.jan

I'm trying to use AN4759 to understand how to configure the RTC alarm for fractional seconds.  As an example, I want to trigger an alarm every, say, 10.5 seconds.


Pages 13 and 14 make reference to something that appears to be reference code, but neither the Cube code nor the  X-CUBE-RTC code seem to have examples that look like what the application note is asking me to do.


I have tried to make the Cube code here:




do what the app note is asking (I've attached my main.c for reference - it's the only code from the example I've changed other than to use the LSE instead of LSI), but I only appear to be getting integer-second triggers of the alarm.  As an example, if I do set my alarm for 10.5 seconds, I appear to be getting alternating 10- and 11-second triggers.  It's like on average my trigger is every 10.5 seconds, not individual events.  So something is happening, but not what I think should be.


You'll note that I've set salarmstructure.AlarmSubSecondMask = RTC_ALARMSUBSECONDMASK_ALL, which doesn't seem right, but even if I set it to RTC_ALARMSUBSECONDMASK_NONE it makes no difference - the behavior appears to be the same.  Given my prescaler setting of 255 for the LSE, I'd expect to set this to RTC_ALARMSUBSECONDMASK_SS14_8, but that doesn't do anything different either.


Any help would be appreciated.