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Discrepancy in Datasheet  STM32L011x3/4 - DoclD027973 Rev 5

Question asked by Kurt Alber on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Amel N
At the manual script en.DM00206508.pdf (DoclD027973 Rev 5 -- Datasheet of STM32L011x3/4) at page 67/119 I have a misunderstanding. I wanted to look over the temperature stability over the HSI16 oscillator and the values in the table 38. (16MHz HSI16 oscillator characteristics) varies from the Figure 22 (HSI16 minimum and maximum value versus temperature - MSv34791V1).
The STM32 is supplied with VDD=3.0V and VDDA=3.0V and int the table 38 the values for a ambient temperature TA=-10°C to 105°C are -4% to 2%. At the other side in Figure 22 with (minimum and maximum values) is a 3V operated chip over -45°C to 125 °C with a maximum variation of the oscillator of 1%.
Please help me clarify this discrepancy.