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STM32F103RET6 CAN Remap

Question asked by Jakub Augustyn on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Jakub Augustyn

Hi i have a problem with STM32F103RET6. When i leave default pinout for CAN (PA11 & PA12) everythig is working. But because in future i also want to use USB i wanted to change CAN pins to PB9 & PB8. And it is a problem because debug hangs when i change it and go to debug mode. It hangs on MX_CAN_Init --> HAL_CAN_MspInit(hcan) --> __HAL_RCC_CAN1_CLK_ENABLE(). I can see an error and from this moment you can't upload new code to uC (bassicaly you can but i have to put reset pin to gnd before uploading and is isn't normal). In practice i can see that despite the error in debug and faulty connection main loop is working because LED is blinking. 

Please help me. Thanks.