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STM32F4 HSI Accuracy/drift

Question asked by Carl Tappan on Jan 31, 2018
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I am looking at rev 8.0 of DS8597, the datasheet for the STM32F417 micro and trying to reconcile two competing specifications for the absolute accuracy of the 16 MHz internal RC oscillator. Section 2.2.12 plainly says "The 16 MHz internal RC oscillator is factory-trimmed to offer 1% accuracy over the full temperature range." In 5.3.9, Table 34, however, Accuracy of the HSI oscillator is given as +/- 1% at 25 *C and +/- 4% over the range of -10 *C to +85 *C.


Is there any interpretation in which the part meets the accuracy claimed in 2.2.12, or is this simply an error?